Celebrate Recovery is proud to have Mental Health Champions in local CR’s across the world!

Celebrate Recovery lauched the CR Mental Health Initiative in the summer of 2016. Through the Initiative we charged forward to bringing awareness to a commonly found struggle within CR-mental health. With the introduction of the leadership role of Mental Health Champion, we now have the means of moving forward to assist in breaking the stigma that surrounds mental health in our CR’s, our church, and in our community. We are following the path laid before us with the Initiative and we shall continue to work to make sure that our CR’s are a safe place to talk about mental health. Through Christ and the mental health initiative, we are working to spread the message that God’s love does not change just because a person is living with mental illness. We are not defined by our diagnosis, but are defined instead by the one who created us and redeemed us through our one true higher power, Jesus Christ.

For more information about becoming a Mental Health Champion, reach out to your Ministry Leader or to your State Rep. Additional questions? You can email crmentalhealthchampions@gmail.com.

To learn about the new, Celebrate Recovery Mental Health Initiative you can attend a Celebrate Recovery One-Day Conference.